Burning bridges is a reoccuring theme these days!

I am not sure which it is but people these days are either

  1. too stupid to think before reacting or
  2. they just don’t give a crap

A gal that works with NewscasterHottie, we will call her SpasticValleygirl, hauled off and sent a nasty email that criticized the way a specific newscast went down that she was in. She blamed the “suckyness” of the show on her superiors and she went on and on about her grievances.

This email went out to her superiors and also to the entire staff of LittleDawgNews. How unprofessional is that? NewscasterHottie happens to be one of those superiors so he was offended and annoyed. When he told me I was appalled at the immaturity of her actions. Who does that sort of thing anyway?

Shit happens, this is true in any job right? We all have days where we want to bitch out our superiors but most of us don’t unless it is totally necessary, right? That is because we have brains and we are able to control ourselves like adults!

Dirty Laundry Diva’s Grievance Guide For Idiots

  • Something is pissing you off? Please make sure it is a valid issue before you waste the time of others. Chances are you are just a self centered, whining drain on society.
  • So you have a valid concern? Addressing your concern like a 5 year old will only cause people to ignore you or write things about you on the internet.
  • Think before you act. Hopefully after a little “cool down time” you will see things more clearly and perhaps you will see things from another’s perspective instead of just dwelling on your own self righteous views.
  • Are you solving the problem or just bi%ching? If you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem so maybe you need to write a nasty email to yourself also!

What would you add to the list? Common I know you have got stuff to unload!