Being on the news does not always equal big bucks!

Here is the thing about the news industry, it is cut throat (obviously) and only the top dawgs dogs make good money. NewscasterHottie and I picked up our lives to move to a new city where he could get his foot in the door. It all started behind the camera for him in a snoby, upscale city when he decided he wanted to move in front of the camera. Living was comfortable but he wanted to persue a dream of his.

He worked at a well known television station in a very large area, we will call this station BigDawgNews. He was a graphic artist but had dreams of being a newscaster. A position opened up at BigDawgNews and he expressed interest in auditioning for the job. His superior told him he would never make it, that he had a face for radio and didn’t stand a chance. (Ironically enough she is off working for a radio station or something now, didn’t cut it in the news industry I guess.) He was denied a chance to audition and was told he would need to get his start at a smaller news station.

We felt that taking a chance and following this a dream was the way to go. It equaled a 50% pay cut in each of our jobs. We rented a 600 square foot apartment that was too small and we just bairly made enough money for rent. We made friends with a neighbor who allowed us to share her cable tv, we couldn’t afford to pay for it on our own… NewscasterHottie drilled a hole in the adjoining wall and fed a cable through it that got us free cable, working in the TV business has it perks- it taugh him how to steal cable TV!

I am not even sure how we got through that first year! We lived off only Top Ramen and shopped only at Big Lots. Basically we were not living the life of luxury but we figured the opportunity he was getting was well worth the sacrifices, despite the fact that he wold only be making like $7.50 an hour. He got a job at LittleDawgNews, which was a part of BigDawgNews but in a smaller town. It only aires news to the few surrounding towns but it was a start!

He got hired to be a graphic artist and he was allowed to try his hand at reporting after several months of employment. He wasn’t on the news that often and he was still very inexperienced as a reporter but he kept improving and learning the trade. This was the “working your way up” phase of his career and we just kept busting our butts to make ends meet while he worked towards his dream.

Sometimes to get ahead you have to take a few steps back first. You can’t just jump into a television career right out of college and expect to make the big bucks, doesn’t matter how pretty or smart you think you are (or how many sexual favors you give). Everyone has to pay their dues!