How to burn bridges via email.

Back in 2005, right around thanksgiving time, NewscasterHottie and I got some unsettling info from LittleDawgNews. Apparently the company that owns both BigDawgNews & LittleDawgNews felt that selling off the TV station LittleDawgNews works out of was a good idea. All employees were notified that the station was up for sale right before the holidays.

Any kind of job stability issue is stressful, regardless of who you are or what industry you work in. This news was obviously stressful and worrisome for us. Especially since NewscasterHottie just got his foot in the door, we were just getting used to our new town, we had just stated building a life for ourselves here!

The possibility of having to leave our new home behind was sad, I was rebuilding my career, NewscasterHottie was getting ahead in his job, things were starting to fall into place. We talked lots about the situation and were trying to come to terms with the uncertainty of it all.

As a writer I benefit from getting my thoughts out onto paper so I can evaluate them, come to terms with it all and perhaps change my perspective. Unfortunately, not all people can deal with or accept those innermost thoughts! Knowing this I was careful to keep my personal writings somewhat private. I expressed them on a blog and kept them viewable by friends only.

I had read that a close friend just got engaged, he was much younger than me so I was left feeling surprised and perhaps a bit behind everyone else. I wrote in a private blog:

Yeah okay here I go again… I read on a good friends profile today that he is now officially engaged… I am super happy for him but I am reminded of how slowly my life is moving…
Okay well I guess life is not moving slowly for us especially in light of the station being sold and us possibly being uprooted… I just feel like everyone else is going so fast…
I guess everyone isn’t moving that fast, everyone has their own speed for life… ugh, I don’t even know why I am writing this….
Congratulations Alex I wish you and Melissa the best!!!! I would love to know how you did it… 😉

As you can see my post was simply a rambling of my thoughts that I got out on to paper. I posted it on a social networking site to share it with those “friends” I was connected to. It was not publicly viewable so I felt I was safe sharing it, little did I know someone would betray this confidence.

To my surprise I received a nasty, out of the blue email the following morning from CrazyRantingLady in response to the private blog, she wasn’t even granted access to but that someone opted to share with her:

I have held my tongue long enough hoping that you would grow up. ENOUGH ALREADY! Everyone is aware of what you have been putting in your blog about how slowly your life is moving. I think for you to publicly complain about your lot in life at the age of 23 is absolutely self centered and disrespectful of NewscasterHottie on so public a forum. It shows how little class you have. Pull your head out of your ass and grow up!. TRUE love does not have a deadline to meet.
Everything I have read on your blog, is nothing but selfish, whining crap. I think you should follow all the warm fuzzy little quotes that appear in your blog about letting go and forgiveness. You shouldn’t be putting this added stress on my him. I have had to play the part of the “supportive wife” during 3 Rif’s in the past 5 to 6 years. I cannot speak for NewscasterHottie, but he needs support right now and going on the web and bemoaning your fate and railing at the gods is so lame.and is so nonproductive.
I remember that after being around me for just a few hours, you said I have so much negative energy around me that I drained you. Have you considered that I am simply.the mirror and what you are seeing is the reflection of yourself displayed? I would bet that the diamond stud you “lost” was the one with “the flaw” in it. You are that manipulative and mean.
P.S. I will no longer be your “statue” Light all the candles you want to and mumbo jumbo to the sky. I play on the “good guys team.” and I am very much protected. Remember that trophy wife could be just around the corner…………HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Well, that was enlightening huh? Poor CrazyRantingLady is lashing out on me, how wonderful! I just love how some people insist on taking what you say and twisting it around, plus the writing wasn’t public (till now!) or meant for her eyes so to go snooping around to try finding dirt on me is pathetic.

CrazyRantingLady has some issues and I guess she is just pissed off that I am in the picture now. I guess I have ruined her life by having a relationship with NewscasterHottie, boohoo! So the bridge is burned and I guess I should just be on guard for future attacks, her true colors have been displayed!

What is better is that she also sent the email to NewscasterHottie so he got to read every nasty word she wrote me before I did, he was very offended, warned me about the email and was also beginning to see her true colors. I wonder if she got the reaction she wanted from him…

I am still unsure about what was really behind this email but I honestly don’t care. I would never just go off and attack someone via email, I am not even attacking her via this blog and I should be (I guess airing the dirty laundry is enough for me)!

Seriously though, have you ever had an experience like this? What can you do when someone wages war on you and sets out to find your flaws or mistakes and use them against you? What can you do about it when it is someone in your family? Do you censor yourself and walk on egg shells to appease them or do you just continue being yourself regardless of what they think?

It just further substantiates my belief that no matter what some people are just out to get you… I have chosen to not let it affect my choices about what I share on the web. I think it all is kind of amusing to share.

The morale of the story is this: Don’t put anything in writing that you wouldn’t be okay with the entire world reading! Unless you are trying to burn bridges via email! 😉