My new look and a rant about the economy!

Thanks MP and everyone else for noticing my spiffy new look and the header I modeled for and shot myself! Don’t you just love bright lipstick? It is sassy! It does distract me from the recent economic down turn temporarily.

I don’t know about you but I am feeling more and more angry about the state of the economy as the days go by. Today I paid $3.79 for a gallon of gas and I got a rather startling medical bill from a lab that my insurance was supposed to cover!

Gas prices are getting unbearable but we have to keep paying them. What is worse is public transportation is limited or nonexistent in many places (like here), many people are stuck paying for gas just to get to work where they don’t even make enough to justify driving to work.

Airlines are increasing their prices, food is more expensive everywhere and paying for health insurance is something many are going without because they can’t afford it (and because it is worthless half the time). It seems every company is trying to get more and more money from us these days, where is the money supposed to come from? Don’t they know most of us are worse off than them?

I am particularly pissed off about the insurance part of it today. NewscasterHottie pays almost $400 a month for health insurance coverage that we rarely use. I needed a few blood tests back in April, the insurance covered nothing and now we owe like $300 to the lab that did the blood tests. This is the first time we have even tried using the insurance this year!

We have paid them about $2000 since January for health insurance coverage and when we need them to cover $300 worth they don’t! What the hell do we pay for insurance if it is not going to cover ANYTHING we need? We would have been better off putting that $2000 into a health savings account so it would actually go towards our medical expenses, too bad a HSA was not an option with his lovely employer!

What is best is that NewscasterHottie works for a company that owns and publishes about 85 daily newspapers, it owns/ operates television stations that are viewed by about 20 million households and they also own several news sites on the internet.

They are a huge company, they compensated their top CEO $14,936,305 in 2006, yet they can’t even provide their employees with health insurance that covers the basics! Does anyone else see the absurdity in this? I am just fuming mad!

9 Responses

  1. We don’t have health ins either – it will cost us 800+ for our family… when I did the math, it is cheaper just to pay the dr bill. Often we get a 10 to 20% discount for cash at the time of service. The boys are healthy – I just pray -ins or NOT!- that they never need hospital care! You are right – everything is costing more and more. I can remember paying 25 CENTS per gallon, so 3.79 is KILLING me! Not 2 yrs ago, the horse food was 14.00 a bag – now it is nearly 21.00. But the salaries do not cover the cost of living increases. As you said, many do not make enough money to justify the gas it cost them to work! It is cheaper (and easier) to go on welfare. Not only is the gas more than wages, but then count in child care, decent clothes, laundry money and lunch money. Many people who work actually GO IN THE HOLE instead of getting ahead or even breaking even… totally sucks!

  2. and your header looks great! I want to learn how to get fairies on mine.

  3. The only good thing is once that deductable is paid for and taken care of..then you will be lovin your insurance. I know you wanna bitch but there are people out there that don’t have it and are screwed. My insurance sucks too..

    I don’t know why but I’m not freaking on the gas prices..I’m numb to it I guess.

  4. FYI..come by later I’m tagging you for a meme..but I’m not done yet.

  5. ugh i hear ya…

    oh and how’s this for awesome: i make about $10,000 A YEAR and apparently that is TOO MUCH to qualify for any sort of government assistance! what the hell?!

  6. The problem for us is that the things we need insurance for aren’t covered and we never need anything major that helps us meet the deductible so it seems like paying for it in the first place is just money lost since it never does us any good.

    If I was having a baby or something major done it would be great, but I am not… so I am just throwing money away that could be used to pay for those everyday things (like blood tests) that I end up having to pay out of pocket anyway.

  7. Oh my word, every time I read about Americas health insurance thingy I freak out a little. It sounds awful.

    And yeah, $3.79 a gallon for gas? We are paying $1.65 a litre here. So, $6.60AU a gallon and prices are still rising. I am much jealous of your prices.

    ($1.65 for unleaded fuel, $1.85 for diesel).

  8. I second what Veronica said…..

  9. I agree with this post 100%!!!!

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