Dear Landlord/ Real estate agent,

I really don’t fucking care about how many messages you have left on our various phone numbers. When you call 5 minutes before you want an inspector to come to our home, that we have a lease for, it is your bad not ours! We have rights to privacy and also to reasonable notice when you plan to have random people parading through our home, calling 5 minutes before hand is not reasonable.

Also, leaving your snotty messages on our answering machines about how you have been trying to reach us wont make us care anymore. We don’t give a shit about you trying to sell the house we are renting and frankly we don’t have to do you any favors. Your issues with managing and scheduling appointments is you own bad, figure it out and don’t expect us to bend over backwards for you!

Additionally, treating your paying tenants like they have no rights or say in matters relating to the showing and touring of the home they rent is not a good way to get them to cooperate! It is a great way to get your name smeared on the web and we will intentionally fuck with you! Oh, if you do enter our home without a confirmed appointment someone’s ass will get munched by our dog and it will only be your fault!

I hope the buyers back out of this deal, that you make NO commission and the sellers fire you because you suck!

– Dirty Laundry Diva

If you are a renter looking for a home to rent/ lease I would strongly recommend NOT using Coldwell Banker! Any company that works as a property manager and a sellers agent is bad news for a renter.

They will screw you over by only caring about selling the home you are renting, regardless of how it inconveniences you as the renter. When they have a commission to make selling a home they could care less about the rights and experiences of the person renting the home, even though you are paying the mortgage on the place for the owner. Trust me they are bad news!