LittleDawgNews has its own Bridezilla!

The other day NewscasterHottie and I went out to socialize with his coworkers. We had dinner and drinks with about a dozen of them. NewscasterHottie has been with LittleDawgNews for several years now, the coworkers come and go. This particular round of coworkers aren’t much to be excited about.

The one specific coworker that makes our skin crawl is BridezillaBlondie. I met her months ago while visiting NewscasterHottie at work. She was under pressure when I met her and she did not show her best side.

BridezillaBlondie was trying to get everything done for the newscast but wasn’t doing too well. She was whining for NewscasterHottie to drop everything he was doing to come do her job for her. He was the anchor for the nights newscast so he had enough of his own work to worry about and told her she needed to figure out how to do her work herself.

She is one of those cute little ladies that has learned to be whiny and helpless when she wants someone to jump in and rescue her, yep THAT kind of gal! She is also insanely superficial and a bit high maintenance according to NewscasterHottie. She is engaged right now and looses her mind daily over some insignificant wedding detail, while she is supposed to be working.

Apparently she demanded her engagement ring be more that 2 carats before she was proposed to… Are you kidding me? If I was dating her and she pulled that I would have seriously reevaluated marrying her. If that is not a huge sign of bad news I don’t know what is!

So, the other night during dinner and drinks she was telling us about how she was home shopping with her finance. The thing about home buying in this town is that affordable homes are not the prettiest or most upscale. Things are crazy expensive here, that is why we are trying to move away!

BridezillaBlondie’s finance found a place he liked and asked for her opinion on it. She replied “I am not bringing all our nice wedding gifts into this place, disgusting!” I just bit my tongue and thought what a snobby, superficial bi$ch!

I wonder how making only about $25,000 per year is working out for good ole BridezillaBlondie, bet it cramps her style a tad bit!

Seriously though, Why are some people so superficial? To me a wedding/ engagement is not about the size of the diamond, the specifics of the party or the gifts, it is about the relationship and the future life of the couple. That is just my opinion and what do I know? I am no superficial silicone filled “trophy wife”…



Being on the news does not always equal big bucks!

Here is the thing about the news industry, it is cut throat (obviously) and only the top dawgs dogs make good money. NewscasterHottie and I picked up our lives to move to a new city where he could get his foot in the door. It all started behind the camera for him in a snoby, upscale city when he decided he wanted to move in front of the camera. Living was comfortable but he wanted to persue a dream of his.

He worked at a well known television station in a very large area, we will call this station BigDawgNews. He was a graphic artist but had dreams of being a newscaster. A position opened up at BigDawgNews and he expressed interest in auditioning for the job. His superior told him he would never make it, that he had a face for radio and didn’t stand a chance. (Ironically enough she is off working for a radio station or something now, didn’t cut it in the news industry I guess.) He was denied a chance to audition and was told he would need to get his start at a smaller news station.

We felt that taking a chance and following this a dream was the way to go. It equaled a 50% pay cut in each of our jobs. We rented a 600 square foot apartment that was too small and we just bairly made enough money for rent. We made friends with a neighbor who allowed us to share her cable tv, we couldn’t afford to pay for it on our own… NewscasterHottie drilled a hole in the adjoining wall and fed a cable through it that got us free cable, working in the TV business has it perks- it taugh him how to steal cable TV!

I am not even sure how we got through that first year! We lived off only Top Ramen and shopped only at Big Lots. Basically we were not living the life of luxury but we figured the opportunity he was getting was well worth the sacrifices, despite the fact that he wold only be making like $7.50 an hour. He got a job at LittleDawgNews, which was a part of BigDawgNews but in a smaller town. It only aires news to the few surrounding towns but it was a start!

He got hired to be a graphic artist and he was allowed to try his hand at reporting after several months of employment. He wasn’t on the news that often and he was still very inexperienced as a reporter but he kept improving and learning the trade. This was the “working your way up” phase of his career and we just kept busting our butts to make ends meet while he worked towards his dream.

Sometimes to get ahead you have to take a few steps back first. You can’t just jump into a television career right out of college and expect to make the big bucks, doesn’t matter how pretty or smart you think you are (or how many sexual favors you give). Everyone has to pay their dues!

Here is the scoop!

Howdy! Thanks for stopping by to check out my new blog. I started this little gem to have a anonymous venue to share all the good and bad in my life. I wanted to be able to air that dirty laundry, talk about my newscaster hottie and you know share it all without anyone being able to figure out who I really am. It is the ultimate freedom for me as a writer and it is hopefully going to be a juicy read for you!

So lets see, I should begin by telling you all about NewsCasterHottie. I have been with him for about 6 years, I dated him before he was a hot shot so don’t go thinking I am a gold digger! He worked his way though almost all the positions within his company (from behind the camera to being an anchor man) and now is a reporter for a very large station in Arizona.

We never have a dull moment together and are facing some pretty major life changes this summer as we work to get ahead in the cut throat news industry! I am a daughter of a mostly single mother and big sister to two brothers who are struggling to make their way in this world. My father was an alcoholic and a drug user. He left when I was young. I am a white girl who grew up in the ghetto’s of Phoenix till my mother remarried. Do you know who I am? Some of you might, but keep it on the DL okay? It is our little secret!

I have several crazies in my family that I struggle to find ways to deal with, plus I know many f*&ked up people. I have been through lots and I try to keep positive but sometimes you just need to get things out in the open to move on, plus airing the dirty laundry feels so good! So welcome to my space! Bookmark me and consider subscribing to my feed, you wont be sorry!